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The music video to Ghosttown finally premiered today and is getting some positive feedback from the get-go.

Here are are just some of the major press the video has gotten since its release:


Madonna‘s latest video off her Rebel Heart album is for “Ghosttown,” and it’s as mesmerizing as the song is infectious.

Hot! Madonna, Terrence Howard get steamy in ‘Ghosttown’ video

Madonna and the actor who plays Lucious Lyon on Fox’s Empire do a sexy dance. And we mean downright HOT.

Watch Madonna and Terrence Howard Get Post-Apocalyptic in ‘Ghosttown’ Music Video

The pop icon premiered the video on the video broadcasting app Meerkat. Howard has been honing his dancing skills all year on Empire, so it’s only fitting that he would join legendary diva Madonna in her newest music video for “Ghosttown.”

Madonna Serves Post-Apocalyptic Realness in ‘Ghosttown’

Only the Queen of Pop could make a nuclear war survival story hot.

Madonna Is An Apocalyptic Dream In The Music Video For Ghosttown! 

Not only is the apocalyptic theme of the video visually stunning, but Madge is just gorgeous in flowing green cape which reminds us of her ethereal look in the vid for Frozen.

Madonna And Terrence Howard Dance Around A Fiery ‘Ghosttown’

…after technological issues got in the way, she finally released the clip on YouTube and Vevo for our collective viewing pleasure.


Madonna’s “Ghosttown” video — the latest single off of her album Rebel Heart — boasts some pretty stunning shots, portraying not only the wreckage of the fictional disaster but also the Queen of Pop’s apocalyptic chic ensembles. (Only Madonna’s hair could look that flawless after surviving a nuclear attack.)

Madonna, Terrence Howard dance in post-apocalyptic ‘Ghosttown’ music video

Madonna is impeccably dressed in steampunk-type garb, wielding a gulf club as protection, whereas Howard adorns a torn-up tux and a freaking sniper rifle. And then they meet and realize the other isn’t all that bad. And then they lustily dance.