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Last week was a banner one for Madonna as far as grabbing attention goes — and it paid off quite nicely on the Billboard 200! After the singer’s 13th studio LP Rebel Heart initially debuted at #2 in March, it had steadily been plummeting down the album chart. By only week number four, it was at the very unfit-for-a-queen position of #57.

But Madge began to turn things around last week with the premiere of her video for Rebel Heart highlight and the album’s second single, “Ghosttown.” Most viewers felt that the visual, not mention the song itself, was a proper return to form for Madonna. (Ahem! — save for a couple editors on the Idolator staff. )

That was followed by a newsworthy pair of performances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Madonna, Fallon and house band The Roots turned out a cute performance of “Holiday” with toy instruments, as well as a tightly choreographed routine for Rebel Heart guilty pleasure “Bitch I’m Madonna.” (Er, let’s just pretend her standup routine on the show ever happened, though.)

And then Madonna wrapped up the week by sticking her tongue down Drake’s throat at Coachella. YAY!

Granted, this last incident may have had little-to-no impact as far as album sales go, given that it happened on Sunday (April 12) night — the cutoff point for Billboard’s weekly chart info. Nevertheless, after all of these shenanigans, Rebel Heartexperienced a 16-position leap up the Billboard 200, and is now sitting at #41 on the chart.

RH 41

Keep that promo going, lady — it’s good for album sales and it’s highly entertaining.

*this artice originally appears in Idolator.com