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ABS-CBNNews.com‘s Resident Music Reviewer Jackie Dosmanos posted this review of

MADONNA‘s Rebel Heart


A pop radical in her prime, superstar Madonna hasn’t made any concessions to traditional mores in her middle age. She still wants to put across transgressions that raise eyebrows even in contemporary liberal America.

Her present discontent is clearly echoed on the title of her latest album, Rebel Heart. On record though, Madonna’s kind of rebellion today is a throwback to the same issues that bedeviled her younger heart starting with her debut in the ‘80s. She still won’t drop the ball on the “me” generation’s greatest premise that being a bitch is more fun.

Madonna surrounds herself with cool partners (Nicki Minaj, Nas, Mike Tyson(?)) and producers like Avicii and Kanye West for present-day hit chart relevance. Nevertheless, it’s the curious turn in her music that catches the bigger attention. There’s Devil Pray that owes as much to Ace of Base as to gypsy folk tradition. The reggae pop sway of Unapologetic Bitch is clearly targeted at pre-adolescent sisters while Illuminati would make a pretty pair with DJ Moby’s We Are Made of Stars.

The vanity remains the same although the music has made distinct shifts. Madonna just keeps on keeping on being a bitch and an unpredictable one at that.

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