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Tori Amos defends Madonna: ‘People want her to be shamed into a role’


Tori Amos has spoken out against Madonna‘s critics who poked fun at her Brit Awards fall earlier this year, with a brilliant perspective on how the public should embrace the star.

The 56-year-old pop icon was pulled off her stage podium by her cape back in February, but immediately got back up on her feet to continue the performance of Living for Love at London’s O2 Arena.

Madonna is an entertainer. There are very few people who could’ve gotten up off that floor,” Amos said to The Guardian.

“It wasn’t because of her that she fell, but it was because of her that the performance carried on. Some of the vilification comes from women as much as men.

“She’s making choices and she’s able to do things physically that a lot of people 25 years younger can’t; she got up and refused to allow that to shame her. 

“I think people want her to be shamed into a role that they find acceptable for her age. It makes me sad that we can’t embrace Madonna and say, ‘Wow, this is an artist who’s expressing herself in a certain way’.”

Madonna falls during Brit Awards

Madonna falls during Brit Awards

Madonna later described her fall as “the most embarrassing moment of [her] life”, but walked away from the incident with no serious injuries.

The star’s 13th studio album Rebel Heart followed weeks later and peaked at number two on both the UK and US charts.

Tori Amos performing Frozen

*this article originally appeared on Digital Spy.