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In Touch Weekly (along with a few other news sites) Reports:

Madonna Has Her Eye on a Much Younger Man


It’s one of the most interesting phenomena in Hollywood: Madonna keeps getting older — while the dudes she goes after get younger and younger!

TMZ reports the 56-year-old ‘Material Girl’ apparently has her eyes on a new younger man, model Andrea Denver, who happens to be 33 years her junior!

Madge shared a picture of the sexy model, 23, on Instagram and wrote, “Rebel 8 pac!! Hell to the yeah!!! [sic]” She added in a lot of heart symbols — which, as anyone who survived middle school in the Internet age can tell you, means she’s flirting.

While Drake looked disgusted to be kissed by the cougar queen — although he still insists it was her lipstick, not Madonna herself, that grossed him out — sources close to the handsome model tell ‘TMZ’ that in this case, the flirtatious feelings are totally mutual.

The insiders say that after he saw Madonna’s Insta-tribute, his immediate reaction was, “I’d definitely go on a date with her” because he finds the mom-of-two “really attractive” and he’s always been a fan.

The pair haven’t met yet, but apparently both parties are excited about the possibility. The sources claim Madonna’s age “doesn’t scare” Andrea.