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GMA News presents an interesting infographic illustrating what things one can instead get versus the seemingly high price of a Madonna concert ticket.

Not since when Luciano Pavarotti staged a concert in Manila in the 90’s had there been so much discussion on the concert ticket prices for a visiting music icon that even die-hard fans had to make tough choices and/or big sacrifices just to be able to finally have their once-in-a-lifetime moment with Her Madgesty.

What this article fails to highlight however, is that

this is MADONNA we’re talking about.

The most successful female music artist of all time…

The highest grossing solo concert artist ever…

…and arguably the most dynamic and creative live musical performer out there.

You can fly to Japan another time.

You can get an iPhone 6 on your next bonus.

You can resume having your daily dose of Starbucks coffee after a few months maybe…

But you may NEVER have another opportunity to watch the QUEEN OF POP perform Live again in Manila.


But just the same, enjoy this nice piece of ‘financial’ analysis.

What can you buy for the price of Madonna concert tickets?


Legendary pop singer Madonna will finally be coming to Manila in 2016 to hold the most expensive concert in the country to date. The cost of the tickets will reportedly range from P3,150 to P57,750.
Here’s a look at what can be bought by the cash fans would have to shell out to witness the Queen of Pop live.