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“Hey, Mr. DJ, put a record on…”

It has been 15 years since MADONNA released Music, the first single off her eighth studio album of the same name.

Madonna reportedly was inspired to write Music (co-produced with Mirwais Ahmadzai) after watching a concert of her close friend Sting, and she wanted to come up with an anthem-ic dance song that will make ‘people come together’.

Music went on to become one of Madonna‘s most successful singles being her 12th (and so far the last) song to hit #1 in the Billboard 100 chart. And due to its popularity among her fans, Music has also become a reliable staple in almost all of Madonna‘s concert tours since 2001’s Drowned World Tour.

To mark this rather historic day, enjoy this Madonna music video montage which is the ‘official’ video backdrop used for the Drowned World Tour.

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