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As we gear up for another MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, Harper’s Bazaar cropped up yet another list of the most memorable VMA moments of all time.

Not surprisingly, MADONNA, the woman who started it all and still holds the record of having won the most VMA Moonmen, figured in three of the 17 moments cited by the magazine:

The 17 Most Memorable VMA Moments of All Time

1) Madonna performs “Like a Virgin” as a less-than-virginal bride (1984)

At the very first Video Music Awards ceremony, a not-yet-famous Madonna set the tone for years to come with an audacious performance of her single, “Like a Virgin.” Clad in a wedding gown and “Boy Toy” belt, Madonna descended a tiered wedding cake and proceeded to roll around the stage while singing the lyrics to her seductive song. The performance was positively scandalous by 1984’s standards.

2) Madonna performs “Vogue” in a corseted ballgown (1990)

Six years later, Madonna again made history, this time with an over-the-top rendition of her hit, “Vogue,” set in an 18th-century French salon. Madonna and her dancers, attired like courtiers of Marie Antoinette—with a few sexy updates—showed off sultry dance moves.

10) Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera kiss Madonna on the lips (2003)

Two years later, Spears and the other hottest pop star of the moment, Christina Aguilera, opened the ceremony with an homage to Madonna‘s 1984 “Like a Virgin” performance, complete with wedding gowns and that white cake. At the end, Madonna emerged from the cake dressed as a groom to sing her newest single “Hollywood” with Spears and Aguilera. Halfway through, she planted kisses on both their lips as Missy Elliott hit the stage to perform “Work It.”

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