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In yet another milestone anniversary, we look back to September 6, 1990 when MADONNA performed her seminal dance hit Vogue at the MTV Video Music Awards at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California.

Having been one of the biggest winners of the night after Vogue nabbed 3 awards (Best Direction, Editing & Cinematography in a Video), Madonna was the final musical performer of the evening.

Along with her dancers who were also garbed in 18th-century French-themed outfits, Madonna came out dressed like Marie Antoinette giving a fresh interpretation of her dance hit incorporating their signature Vogue choreography with 18th-century dance movements.

Despite her rather ‘conservative’ attire, the performance was not without Madonna‘s usual headline-grabbing and controversy-courting stunts. One dancer fondled her breasts, she forced a couple of dancers’ faces onto her (again!) bosoms and allowed another dancer to look under her petticoat.

To say that the number brought the house down is an understatement. It was to be the most memorable performance of the evening and has remained to be one of the best VMA performances of all time.

Madonna is obviously proud of this production number as she had included a video clip of the performance to close off her The Immaculate Collection video compilation.


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