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It has been over a week since MADONNA unleashed the power of her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal and she has already taken her usual spectacular self in Washington, DC and her adopted ‘hometown’ of New York City and the rave reviews continue to roll in for yet another unforgettable show.


Daily Express UK: Madonna is still The Queen of pop

After all, who needs flying cars, pantomime palm trees, giant tongues and blow-up hotdogs when there is really only one thing worth looking at on this platform – the most iconic pop performer of our generation.


VH1: Madonna’s Concert Changed My Opinion About Her Rebel Heart Era

I left Madonna’s concert bewildered, because she is now something I never expected: accessible. Heck! She may even kiss you, as one lucky fan found out Wednesday night. And I can’t lie: The Rebel Heart era—messy, nonsensical, and head-scratching—made this happen.

The Hollywood Reporter
: Madonna Expertly Touts Irreverence, Cultural Immersion on Rebel Heart Tour at MSG: Concert Review

A two-hour spectacle of new sounds and refreshed throwbacks that left even the most repeated ticketholder of Madonna surprised and fulfilled.

Village Voice
: Madonna’s Amy Schumer Ass-Kicking Was More American Than the GOP Debate

The ‪#‎RebelHeartTour‬ is a celebration of what Madonna has accomplished, but it also serves as a reminder that she’s content sitting in her throne as the reigning ‪#‎QueenofPop‬.


Entertainment Weekly: Madonna reigns over New York’s Madison Square Garden—and reinvents her classics

Madonna has built a career by playing with what we hold sacred, whether it’s crucifixes or underground dance crazes. Now the only sacred thing she’s tearing down is Madonna herself.

US Weekly
: Pop Icon Takes Manhattan With “Astonishingly Impressive” NYC Tour Stop

An acknowledgment that she’s still unbeatable in every regard as a pop star, with the show acting as a supreme victory lap through a venue she noted she had first performed in 30 years prior. But it also signified what was perhaps most evident the entire time: She had the most fun she’s had onstage in recent memory, lifting her often self-seriousness from recent treks and reveling in the art of being Madonna.

Rolling Stone
: Bitch, She’s Madonna: NYC Stop Showcases Genius of Rebel Heart Tour

Damn right it’s not crowded, because there’s nobody else near her throne. The whole night was a tour of everything only Madonna can do. She’s not the same. She has no shame. She’s on fire.


The Guardian
: Madonna at Madison Square Garden review – ‘There is no other performer like her’

Her Madison Square Garden concert seems simultaneously like the latest stage of a 32-year durational performance art piece about stardom and an affirmation that there is simply no other performer like Madonna.

: Madonna Gets Surprisingly Nostalgic at First NYC Tour Stop, Then Kicks Amy Schumer’s Ass

Nostalgia aside, Madonna’s restless creative spirit is on full display on the Rebel Heart Tour. Refusing to coast by playing faithful, familiar live renditions of her hits, Madge recast a number of her classics in different musical molds, with mostly positive results.

The Daily Twist
: Madonna Shows Why She’s Queen At DC ‘Rebel Heart’ Show

It was great reinventions (something Madonna really knows how to do best) of some old hits that truly displayed her stage presence as the best female entertainer the world has ever seen.

Montreal Gazette
: Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour starts beating at the Bell Centre

So she’s still self-aware. And in a spare-no-expense theatrical spectacle that artfully flowed from showstopper to showstopper, she proved once again that she doesn’t just crave the spotlight — she owns it.



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