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To promote her Truth Or Dare-ish documentary Dance Again, Jennifer Lopez raved about how she had been inspired by MADONNA.

Check out excerpt from the HuffPost UK article where the Girl from The Block pays tribute to
The One & Only Queen Of Pop.


Madonna’s jogging never went unnoticed, with pictures of her running in the park, often surrounded by bodyguards, going round the world. Boy George recently told HuffPostUK that he used to laugh at the pop superstar’s tireless exercise regime “and now I jog”.

One young girl in particular used to pore over those photographs of Madonna at her home in New York’s Bronx. Now she’s a superstar in her own right, she credits those early images for inspiring her to follow her dream.

Jennifer Lopez tells HuffPostUK:

“It was all about Madonna for me. She inspired me to want to sing, to dance, to work hard. I saw those pictures of her running in the park, training, and I thought, that’s what I need to be doing.

I’m a girl living in the Bronx at this point. I’ve never seen the inside of a gym, but I thought, I’m going to find myself a track. It wasn’t a moment on stage that did it, it was a picture of Madonna in the park.


One of the pictures of Madonna jogging that inspired young Jennifer Lopez to do her thing25 years later, and Jennifer Lopez has proved herself a worthy follower, with the sale of more than 60 million records, and matching success on screen and in business. Surprisingly, it was only in 2012 that she embarked on her first world tour, visiting 65 countries and reaching a million fans.

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