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It is time once again to look back at another milestone as we mark the 25th anniversary of MADONNA‘s performance of Sooner or Later at the 1991 Academy Awards.

The song, which was taken from the Warren Beatty-directed film Dick Tracy, where Madonna played the sultry role of Breathless Mahoney, was nominated for Best Original Song.

Most fans and (and even critics) agree that this was probably Madonna‘s best live vocal performance in any awards show. Though she was visibly shaking at the start most likely since it was her first Oscars performance and she was performing in front of some of the biggest stars in Hollywood (including her ‘date’ for the evening, Michael Jackson), she was able to pull off the rather tricky vocal requirements of the song (typical of any Stephen Sondheim composition) and gave a solid performance.

Dressed in a fabulous white sequined gown designed by the legendary Bob Mackie, Madonna appeared to be channeling her idol Marilyn Monroe. The homage became even more evident when she  ad libbed a line from Monroe’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend and modified it to “Talk to me General Schwarzkopf, tell me all about it!” referring to then-army general who led the coalition forces during the Gulf War, in her apparent show of support for the war.

Sooner Or Later went on to win for Stephen Sondheim the award for Best Original Song.

Do you agree that this was Madonna’s best live vocal performance on any awards show ever?

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