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Today marks another anniversary in MADONNA‘s illustrious career…

On April 10, 1985, Madonna embarked on her first-ever concert tour in Seattle for the aptly named The Virgin Tour. The 40-show tour only did the rounds in North America, but was enough to cement Madonna‘s growing star power with tickets selling out in record-breaking time.

The Virgin Tour showcased Madonna‘s early hits from her first 2 albums Madonna and Like A Virgin. It is also remembered as the time when girls started showing up in her concerts dressed up like the Material Girl, later on popularly being called ‘Madonna wannabes‘.

This 31st anniversary of The Virgin Tour is all the more significant with the recent Billboard declaration that Madonna is the Highest-Grossing Solo Touring Artist of All Time after her most recent Rebel Heart Tour contributed to her career total tour revenue of $1.3 Billion. YES, that’s billion with a ‘B’.