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Twenty five years ago to this day, MADONNA‘s bare-all documentary film Truth or Dare (aka In Bed with Madonna) was finally released in theaters (limited release) amidst hype and hoopla typical of any Madonna undertaking especially during that pinnacle of her pop reign.

Highlighting the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of Madonna and the fascinating cast of characters (dancers, back-up singers, crew, celebrity friends and even her family) during her hugely successful Blond Ambition Tour of 1990, Truth or Dare was the closest thing for her fans to be flies on her wall watching her at her most unguarded self and witnessing how she ran her world and mothering/manipulating the people around her to her and everyone’s enlightenment and entertainment.

That some of the scenes in the film seem staged has become out of the question. Truth or Dare is a unique work of pop art only The Queen can manage to conjure.  A quarter of a century later, its legacy remains intact with every other pop star attempting to capture similar artistic achievement, to varying degrees of fails.

At a time when it’s almost a requirement for every music star to come out with at least one concert film or documentary, or worse a reality TV show, it is important to look back at that moment when a then-controversial masterpiece broke grounds and laid down the template to which all succeeding ‘rock-umentaries’ have consciously followed.

Recently, Madonna‘s Blond Ambition back-up dancers have reunited for Strike A Pose, a ‘documentary about a documentary’ to recount their days with Her Madgesty and how Truth or Dare have changed their lives and the lives of countless gay men who felt liberated by the film’s statements on homosexuality and self-empowerment, among many things.

There lies the true success of Truth or Dare. More than the fact it was the highest-grossing documentary film to date, that it was able to remain in people’s consciousness after all these years and being credited for empowering her fans (and haters alike) to embrace their own truths and daring to be open and proud of it, Truth or Dare is truly a Madonna milestone worth looking back to every time.